About this site

Connecting Cells is a website about human reasoning. More specifically, it is about how understanding human reasoning can help us improve human reasoning. And then, to make it very niche, it is also about how improvements in human reasoning can benefit multidisciplinary teams of students studying human reasoning. Or any other aspect of cognition, really.

Briefly put, it's a bunch of blog posts, touching on cognitive biases, teaching methods, conspiracy thinking and its peculiarities, interdisciplinary integration, deliberative democracy, collaborative reasoning, and many more topics.


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Why the name?

Taken literally, the name Connecting Cells refers to the physical process of neurons connecting to each other to form networks that support cognition. Metaphorically, something similar happens when people talk to each other or when the silos of different disciplines are bridged. In all these cases, insight, understanding and novel ideas emerge as previously distinct elements merge.

About the author

The author of this blog is Vincent Tijms, who has over a decade of experience developing and organizing interdisciplinary education. He's especially interested in how people reason together and has been teaching classes on critical conversations in both educational and professional environments. If you're interested in such classes, see the bookings page.