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Moving the Reasoning Report

About a year ago, I noticed my interests were shifting towards experimental studies into reasoning and belief formation and I felt the urge to write about them. There's a lot of cool stuff happening around this topic and I felt like other people would care, too.

So I did the lame thing of the day, which was to start a Substack, call it The Reasoning Report and promise people I would drop psychology of reasoning into their inboxes at regular intervals. That never really happened, though – and not for lack of interesting source materials. I just couldn't get the reading and writing done.

Now moving to a different platform won't solve a lack of writing. But I needed to move Connecting Cells somewhere anyway and I figured I could just move The Reasoning Report along with it and kind of reinvent it all. My plan is to both refurbish my exported blog here and to publish The Reasoning Report as a newsletter – this time for real. Its scope is going to shift a bit, as I hope you will be finding out soon.

Since the Substack had some (possibly disappointed) subscribers throughout 2022, I will be moving them to the new environment. It will of course remain possible to unsubscribe at any point.